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Are you ready to overcome your writing challenges?

What if you could build a flexible writing routine that made it easy to get words out of your head and onto paper?​
  • Even if you struggle to find 10 minutes between work and family responsibilities

  • Even if you have unreliable energy because of a chronic illness

  • Even if your brain squirrels every time you sit down to write

Our community of international writers will support you with weekly accountability, flexible tools to track your word counts, and fun badges so you can finally reach your writing goals.

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“I’m on track to write over 200k this year. Last year, I wrote less than 13k. The 365 Writing Challenge provided me the accountability I need to make my writing dream a reality.”
–Courtney R. Hunt 

Tired of notebooks with only a few pages filled?
Or a dozen idea files on your computer at various stages
of the writing process, but no end in sight? 

If you’re like most writers, you’ve dabbled at being a writer when you had a little breathing room in your crazy-busy life. Then you became a parent, took on more hours at work, got diagnosed with a chronic illness, or just found a shinier TV series that took less effort to decompress.

Still, the niggle to write returns. You find yourself daydreaming and jotting the stories down. And there’s at least one project that has taken on a life of its own and begs for you to nurture and develop it.

But you can’t find the time, much less the energy or focus, to figure out how to get the words on the page and organized into something publishable.

Can you relate?

I created the 365 Writing Challenge to help writers like you develop writing routines without arbitrary word counts to reach or schedules to keep.

We focus on simple mindset shifts and habits that build a flexible routine that works every time. 

Whether you write blogs, articles, short stories, or novels, you’ll find support and accountability to set achievable goals, overcome hurdles, eliminate distractions, and grow at your own pace. 

But most importantly, your inner writer will become an integral part of your life, helping you see the world with creative curiosity and be more present and attentive to each experience. 

Image by Xavier Foucrier

“Without this amazing group of people and all they shared—inspiration, motivation, encouragement, an ear to listen, and the occasional needed swift kick in the pants—I would not be querying my first novel. I would still be fiddle-farting around, piddling at best, playing at being a writer.”–Glenda Thompson

When you join our community you receive...

•    Focused support in our private community with customizable notifications, no algorithms limiting what you see, and without the distraction of social media.
•    Neurodiverse and chronic-illness-friendly advice and tools to develop your mindset and habits in the areas of time, energy, attention, and space. 
•    Weekly Check-Ins to help you set goals and overcome hurdles. 
Access to both digital and printable word count tracking sheets, plus a group spreadsheet that allows us to reward fun badges for meeting your goals.

•    Co-working zoom room accessible 24/7.

•    A welcome note from the founder with our sticker for your laptop or notebook (even international).

All of this comes with a basic membership of

$20/month or $200/year. 

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