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In 2015, I created a fun little challenge to encourage 84 other writers to write 1000 words a day for a year. The experiment resulted in over 40% of them reaching that goal and another 30% writing over 100k.


I relaxed the rules to allow members to set their own goals and made it a personal challenge done in community. 1800+ writers have written over 300 million words in a few short years by helping them build the right mindset and habits,  accountability teams, fun-themed badges, sprinting sessions, weekly emails, contests with feedback, and more.  

We strive to create a community where everyone is seen, heard, and supported.

We value FLEXIBILITY. We know you're time and energy are limited. Drop into our private group 2-3 times a week when it fits your schedule. Participate in conversations and learn skills that will help you build and refine your writing routine. All our materials are self-paced. Only our co-working and sprinting sessions are at set times.

We value ACCOUNTABILITY. We formed this group around the truth that it’s significantly easier to reach your goal when you have someone holding you accountable. Share your weekly goals and wins with your team. Crowd source solutions to your writing hurdles, so you can get unstuck quickly.

We value COMMUNITY. We learn better by hearing the same thing in multiple ways and from different perspectives. You won’t find a 12 point map with course work to finish each week, but you will find thought-provoking questions and personal challenges to try. We want you to put 80% of your energy into writing and 20% into learning and sharing. 

We value EQUABILITY. Many writers in our group have chronic illnesses, disabilities, are neurodivergent, or have complex life situations that can be hurdles to having a consistent, productive writing time. We strive to make our resources available in multiple formats. We have no participation requirements. We understand life/illness happen and you may need to step away a few days or weeks to focus on it.

We value SUSTAINABILITY. Our goal is to improve your writing life with sustainable skills that can flex and grow with you. The mindset and habits you learn here, like limiting distractions, can be applied across your life. 

These core values help us serve the many F.A.C.E.S. of our community and are our promise to you.

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I'm Jessica White, the Founder of 365 Writing Challenge.

I'm a published author and curator of words across several genres. When I'm not hanging out with my 365 writers, I'm speaking, coaching, or helping as an admin for Unleashing the Next Chapter and 10 Minute Novelist. You can learn more about me as an author at

Virtual Team Meeting


I couldn't do this without an amazing team that keeps the cogs moving. These writers are the reason we can offer all the wonderful events, contests, and teams that we do.

2024 Admin Team

Adrienne Fraser_edited.jpg

Adrienne Fraser

Romance Writer & Chronic Illness Warrior

Amber Lambda

Amber Cole

 YA Fantasy Romance Author Amber Lambda. Daydreamer. Poet. Iced Coffee Connoisseur. 

Andrew Ferrell.jpg

Andrew Ferrell

Author and Owner of the Sci-Fi Fantasy Indie Publisher Cloaked Press.

Clarissa Gosling.jpg

Clari Gosling

Fantasy Author, Clarissa Gosling. Exploring Purpose & Belonging Across Worlds.


Deb Deasey

 Steamy Romance Author Debra Deasey


Denise Riehle

Writer & Ally of Chronic Illness Writers.


Erika Keswick


Genine Tyson.jpg

Genine Tyson

Book Reviewer for & Acquiring Editor for FIYAH Speculative Literature Magazine.

Kathryn McClatchy.jpg

Kathryn McClatchy

Mystery Writer. Creative Non-Fiction & Copy Writer. Owner of Unleashing the Next Chapter.

Linda Blackshaw.jpg

Linda Blackshaw

Australian Children's Author.

Marion Berry.jpg

Marion Ann Berry

Author, Memoirist, 

Hotelier, & Urban Farmer. 


Siv Ekman

Swedish Writer.

Sonja Frojdendahl_edited.jpg

Sonja Fröjdendal

Swedish Romance Author & Poet, Procrasti-baker, & Dog Lover. 

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Future Admin

Future Admin

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Future Admin

Future Admin

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