In 2015, I created this fun little challenge to encourage 70 other writers to write 1000 words a day for a year. The experiment resulted in over 40% of them reaching that goal and another 30% writing over 100k. We tweaked the rules and allowed members to set their own goals and now 1200+ writers have written over 300 million words in a few short years. 

Over twenty of those members have joined my admin team making it possible for us to help more writers. These seasoned writers lead teams to guide members through setting goals and building the right mindset and habits with weekly accountability, fun-themed badges, sprinting sessions, emails, contests, and more.  

We strive to create a community where everyone is seen, heard, and supported.

We value FLEXIBILITY. All content is come and use when/how you need. The only two things that are time specific are co-working and sprinting sessions. Aim to drop in 2-3x a week for 10 to 30 minutes and participate in the conversations and learn more skills that will help you refine your writing routine.

We value ACCOUNTABILITY. We formed this group around the truth that it’s significantly easier to reach your goal when you have someone holding you accountable. Share your weekly goals with your team and your weekly wins with the group.

We value COMMUNITY. Most of us learn better by hearing the same thing in multiple ways and from different perspectives. You won’t find a 12 point map with course work to finish each week, but you will find thought-provoking questions and personal challenges to try. We want you to put 80% of your energy into writing and use the other 20% to learn and share. 

We value EQUABILITY. Many writers in our group have chronic illnesses, disabilities, are neurodivergent, or have complex life situations that can be hurdles to having a consistent and/or productive writing time. We strive to make our resources available in multiple formats and have no requirements for participation to stay in the challenge. We understand life/illness happen and you may need to take a few weeks off to focus on it. That's why we focus on building habits over time versus an intensive that requires valuable but limited energy.

We value SUSTAINABILITY. The skills you learn here can be applied across your life and can be repeated for years to come. For example, once you learn to identify your distractions, you will start seeing them in other areas and increase your focus and attention. If you learn how to quiet your phone while you write, you can do the same when you eat dinner with your partner(s) or have a conversation with your child or friend.

These core values help us serve the many F.A.C.E.S. of our community and are our promise to you.

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I'm Jessica White the Founder and Coordinator of 365 Writing challenge

I'm a contemporary romantic suspense author. When I'm not hanging out with or working on 365, I'm speaking, coaching, or helping as an admin for Unleashing the Next Chapter and 10 Minute Novelist. You can learn more about me as an author at AuthorJessicaWhite.com

"I couldn't do this without an amazing team that keeps this boat afloat.  These people are the reason we can do this year after year."

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 Our dedicated team has grown since the beginning, but our dedication to you has grown even more.


Ran by writers, just like you, 365 Writing Challenge is fueled by leadership, inspiration, and compassion.

team admins

Mato J. Steger

Graphic Design & Author

Ian McAllister

Retired English Air Trafficker. Sci-fi author, aviation nut, and travel freak.

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Bethany A. Perry

Science Fiction and Horror Nut with a Side of Fantasy. 


Romance Author and Stay-at-home mom by day, hobby collector by night.


Sci-fi reader, author, and photographer. Surviving Michigan winters with her husband and her faith.



Drew Ferrell

Author and Owner of Sci-Fi Fantasy indie publisher Cloaked Press.

Ivy Nelson

Steamy Contemporary Romance Author and 365 Writing Challenge Sprint Coach

Clarissa Gosling

Fantasy Author. Exploring purpose and belonging across worlds.


Samantha Tyler

Writer. Editor. Coach. Empowering women to change their inner dialogue from aspiring writer to author.


Amber Cole

 YA Fantasy Romance Author. Daydreamer. Poet. Iced Coffee Connoisseur. 


Unleashing the Next Chapter-mystery, historical mystery, creative nonfiction, content, and copy. 


Book Reviewer for Tor.com and Acquiring Editor for FIYAH Speculative Literature Magazine.

Women's Fiction and YA Author and Freelance Editor.


Writer of poetry, contemporary romance, fantasy romance, erotica, RPNG, and procrasti-baker and huge doglover. 


Romance writer and chronic illness warrior.

Romance author; lover of cats, chocolate, and engaging stories. 


A memoirist, hotelier, and urban farmer. 


Former team admins

Jude Cocaigne                                  International Fantasy Author with Dashes of Romance and Horror.


Jaclyn Roche                                     Stories with a Bite. Dark Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Paranormal Author.


Sara Marschand                              Fantasy and Science Fiction short story author. 

Stella Samuel                                     Indie Women’s Fiction Author.


Christine Hennebury                   Writer, Creativity Coach, Storyteller, & Gold Star Awarder.


Joanna Maciejewska                  Sorcery, Swords, & Snark.  Bilingual Science Fiction & Fantasy writer.


Glenda Thompson                       Compelling fiction, real emotions


Amanda Howard                         YA Fantasy Author and Hot chocolate enthusiast.

V. Jolene Miller                                 Award winning independent author who writes for and

                                                                      about the misfits, the misunderstood, and the underdogs of life.