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"I've been participating in the 365 Writing Challenge since its inception, and it helps to keep me both motivated and accountable, even when my writing time is next to nil."

- Carolyn Perpetua Astfalk

"This was my first year participating in the 365 Writing Challenge. It taught me how invaluable having a set time to write is for me. Growing my daily writing habit meant that even if I fell off the horse from time to time, I was able to get back on without much fuss." 

- Olivia Rose Szlasa

"I love the 365 Writing Challenge! It has helped me be keep my goals. I now have a good routine for writing every day. It also helps to be accountable to the group on days when you just don't feel like writing." 

-Terry Houchin

"Imposter syndrome, anxiety and depression, and countless life obstacles all conspire to keep me from writing. 365 lets me set a bite-sized goal and keeps me on track. I don't have to Write the Great American Novel today. All I have to do is write something, anything, creatively for a few minutes.  Those few minutes add up to thousands of words. When I look back at the tracking log, I can see how far I've come. The encouragement and flexibility help me when I feel down, and the accountability helps me when I feel uninspired! This is my 7th year. I don't have imposter syndrome any more.  I know I'm a writer!

-Sara Meg Seese

"I have a drawer full of half finished novels. Thanks to 365 Writing Challenge, I will be finishing my first ever novel on Saturday, September 15th. In addition to the accountability, I’ve made great friends who keep me on track and prevent me from giving up. Thank you, 365 Writing Challenge!"

-Glenda Thompson

"The word count spreadsheet showed me how much I was really writing during the year and reinforced the belief that I could do this wonderful thing called writing. This year, my second year of participation has built upon that foundation and kept me motivated through those inevitable struggles that all writers face."

-Sandy Stuckless

"The 365 Challenge has helped me to motivate a daily writing habit. With each year I have gained a new look at my writing habit. From monthly word counts, to daily writing, to daily word count and now to chapters. The fun in challenges brings you to community and inspirations. Who wouldn't want that."

-Dyhana Shaw

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